My First experience-2

My First experience-2

Lets see the rest of you,” said Varun, “Take off you bottom.”


“No that wasn’t the deal.”


“Then let me touch your tits.” Varun reached out and grabbed my right tit, lightly squeezing my nipple. It felt good but I slapped his hand away.


“No, leave me alone.”


I got out of the pool, grabbed a towel, covered myself, and ran inside, up to my room. I sat on my bed, started brushing my hair, when all three boys came into my room.


“You’ve seen us naked, now we want to see you naked,” said Varun. Varun and Vinay were still naked, Basu had on his shorts. The towel was still wrapped around me. I was a bit turned on by the previous events, and the thought of exposing all of myself to these boys was exciting me more. But before I got naked for them all three had to be naked for me.


“Ok. Here’s the deal. All three of you need to be naked, and all three of you need to be wacking off for me before I get naked. And nobody will touch me. Is that clear?”


They all nodded. Varun started working his cock right then. Vinay hesitated for a second, then he too grabbed his cock. Wow I thought, my own brother, standing naked in front of me, with a hard on, jerking off. He was a good-looking boy. Basu just stood there, staring, not moving.


‘Varun, since you had no problem before helping Basu drop his shorts why don’t you help him again.”


Varun moved over and pulled Basu’s shorts down again. This time Basu offered no resistance, didn’t try to pull them back on.


“Ok Basu start wacking.” He turned beat red again, but didn’t move.


“Varun, go help him out.” Varun reached over with his free hand, and grabbed Basu’s cock. He started to stroke it.


“Alright strip Christi,” demanded Varun.


I sat back on my bed, my back on the pillows against the headboard. They all came over to the side on my bed.


“No, all of you go to the foot of my bed, and no closer.” They all moved to the foot of my bed.


“Now keep wacking those cocks for me.” By now Basu was working his own cock, apparently over any shyness. So the three boys stood at the foot of my bed, Varun in the middle, Vinay on his left, Basu on the right, jerking their cocks. I opened the towel, exposing my tits again, then arched my back up and pulled it out from under me. My nipples were hard, showing my excitement. Then I pulled my knees up so my feet were flat on the bed, and spread my knees wide. The boys were staring at my still covered crotch, which was starting to tingle. I closed my knees, slipped my thumbs under the waist band of my bottoms. Slowly I pulled the bottoms down, until my pubic hair began to show. Then I stopped. My heart was pounding. I was nervous yet excited. One of the boys groaned. I looked at the boys, beating their cocks, naked just for me. Then I closed my eyes, lifted my hips and slid the bottoms down to my feet. I slipped one foot out, then with the other I kicked the bottoms at the boys. With my knees together I paused. My pussy was getting wet, the excitement growing. Slowly I spread my knees apart to giving the boys the full view of my neatly trimmed pussy. Someone gasped, and Basu stopped stroking his cock, as he appeared ready to blow.


“Touch yourself.” Varun commanded. Needing no further encouragement I started rubbing my tits, then rolling my nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. I was getting real turned on now, my juices were flowing. I reached down with my right hand and started rubbing my clit. I moaned and closed my eyes. After a few minutes of this I stuck a finger in my pussy, then two, finger fucking myself. I continued to work my tits with my left hand. I was getting real excited. Suddenly I fleet someone on the bed. I opened my eyes and saw Varun between my legs. He reached out and pulled my hand away from my pussy, then dove in. I made no attempt to stop him, being so excited. He started licking my pussy, going around my clit, driving me wild. I noticed the other two boys had stopped jerking off, and were staring with their mouths open, not really believing what was happening right in front of them. I was so excited, never having done anything like this. Grabbing Varun’s head with both hands I held him tight to my pussy. He stuck his tongue in my pussy, tongue fucking me a few times before going back to my clit. This drove me over the edge. My whole body tensed up, my hips raised up trying to fuck Varun’s face, then my orgasm exploded. My juiced flowed out all over Varun’s face. He pulled away, quickly moved up and sunk his cock in me with one quick motion. Still recovering from my orgasm, I couldn’t react, but I wanted a cock in me. His cock slipped in with ease, as all my juices were flowing. He started fucking me good, slamming me hard. I spread my knees even further, then grabbed his butt with both hands, pulling him in deeper. God I wanted him so deep. He pounded away a few more times, then I felt him tense up. He thrust really hard and deep, then exploded in my pussy. He thrust several more times, then pulled out. He collapsed next to me on my bed. I rested for several seconds, getting my breath back. Juices were starting to trickle out of me, the smell of sex was in the air. Basu and Vinay were still standing at the foot of my bed.


“What are you waiting for?” I said staring directly at Basu. “Come fuck me now.” Basu climbed in between my legs then laid down on me. His rock hard cock on my belly, he started humping me. Obviously he’s never been with a girl before, as he didn’t even come close to penetrating me. I reached down, grabbed his cock and aimed it towards my pussy. Still humping I rubbed it up and down my slit a couple of times before lining it up with my cunt. He thrust and in it went. He gasped. His cock was a little bit longer than Varun’s. It felt good and deep. He only thrusted a few times before he exploded in my pussy. When he was done he just laid on top of me. His cock started to shrivel. When he slipped out I pushed him off. Varun was still lying next to me, but now on his side, with his head propped up by one hand, watching the action up close. His other hand was jerking his cock back to life. I looked around but Vinay was no longer standing at the foot of my bed. He was sitting on my desk chair, watching the action, but he didn’t look too happy. I got out of bed and walked over to him.


“Whats wrong?” I asked.


‘Nothing.” He said. “Its just my two best friends just fucked my sister and I get no relief.”


“That’s not true.” Dropping to my knees between his legs, I grabbed his cock, slowly started stroking it. Looking up, he had this huge surprised look on his face. I could feel the cum of his two friends leaking out and trickling down my legs. Leaning down I planted a kiss on his swollen cock head.


“Christi don’t. You’re my sister.”


“Ssh, just relax and enjoy this. I am.” Planting another kiss on his cock, then I tongued it. I licked the underside, then licked all the way to his balls. My nose was buried deep in his pubic hairs, his musk sent very apparent. While continuing to stroke his cock I sucked in his sack. He moaned when I flicked my tongue on it. I tongued my way back to the tip, then swirled my tongue around it. Eagerly I opened my mouth and sucked in his cock. I got most of it in, got the rest with my hand. Slowly I bobbed up and down on his cock. His hips started to move, rising up when I bobbed down. This continued for a couple of minutes when I let it go.


“How’s that?” I asked.




“Well we’re not done here.” I stood up, straddled his legs and sat down. I moved up real close, his cock rubbing on my pussy hair. The cum inside me was now flowing out pretty good, dripping onto his legs.


“Do you want more?” I asked.




“Do you want what your friends had?”


“Um, I don’t know, I mean you’re my sister and all.”


“Fuck that, we’re beyond that now.” I said. And I stood up, grabbed his cock, straddled it, and eased down. With all my juices flowing and the other two boys cum in me, he slid right in. I started humping him real good. He thrust back. His cock was the smallest of the three, but there was something special about my own brother’s cock in me. I kept humping him, and my orgasm started to build. I reached down and rubbed my clit. He reached out and touched my tits, then started playing with them. This pushed me over the edge and I exploded. My pussy clamped down on his cock, and suddenly he was thrusting hard in to me, exploding himself. After we were both down I laid my head onto his shoulder just to rest.


After a few minutes I got off Vinay. I grabbed my towel in order to clean up when Varun came up behind me.


“I’m ready to go again.” He said and pushed me onto my bed face down. He followed right behind me, pulled my hips up, and quickly entered me doggy style. Every time he pushed in I pushed back, trying to get him deeper. His hands were on my hips, pulling me back on him. He lasted longer this time, we probably fucked for 15 minutes before he came in me again. I was exhausted and just collapsed on the bed. I looked over at Basu, his cock was rock hard and ready to go again.


“I’ve got to go.” He said, and pulled on his shorts a left real quick. Probably went home and jerked off.


Varun got up. “One quick dip in your pool and I’ve got to go too. I’ll call you tomorrow.” He said to Vinay. “And I look forward to seeing you again real soon.” He said looking at me. Then he left.


Vinay went with Varun, stopping at the door for a second, taking a last look at me.


Two weeks later I returned to school and the boys went off to college also. It was a bit awkward being around Vinay for a while, but eventually things returned to normal. We never did anything like this again, or even talked about what happened. Basu didn’t come around for the rest of the summer, probably locked himself in his room and jerked off all day, to visions of what went on that day. Varun continued to come around, we even managed to fuck a few more times when Vinay wasn’t around. After I graduated I got a job out of town. I moved away and never saw Varun or Basu after that.

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