My second trip to India was when I was 23 years old. I had just married an absolutely gorgeous Bengali Brahmin girl who was just 16 at the time. She was incredibly good looking, the niece of a former Miss India, and positively radiant herself. As a white American I was certainly blessed. Everyone thought it was crazy that this girl’s family would have given her marriage at so young an age, and especially to a foreigner, but they wanted to save her from getting into trouble as such a beautiful young lady is apt to do. Unfortunately my wife and I did not hit it off at all. We had only met a few times before the wedding and she was so shy that she barely spoke.We really didn’t communicate well and the sex was difficult. My cock is quite hefty and such a young, virginal girl naturally had trouble fitting it all inside. It was very frustrating for me as there were so many attractive girls around me all the time and I yet I could enjoy with the my wife, who was the most beautiful of them all. One day a few weeks or so after arriving in India, my wife really pissed me off by going swimming in the pukur wearing only a pair of panties and a white tee shirt in plain view of everyone. It was like a scene from a B-movie, the heroine in her white cloth with her breasts perfectly visible through the wet cotton, bathing beneath the coconut trees.

Great in movies, but not when it’s your wife in front of other men! That night I gave her a good fuck as I used to do with my girlfriends back in the States. She bled a lot and ended up at the doctor’s office. He said that her insides were scarred. Well, that made it even more difficult for us and we both sort of gave up on each other sexually. Later we started leading very much our own lives. Many years later I found some love letters addressed to my wife from her best girlfriend. Apparently they had been having some physical relationship at that time, which is understandable. I, on the other hand, was alone in a foreign country with no sex. What was I to do?Our neighbors were a couple quite a bit older than us. The wife was about 40 and very attractive. I will call her Asha to protect the name of the… Ummm, innocent? Well, anyway, Asha had slightly wheatish, almost white skin and big beautiful eyes. She was a healthy lady with large breasts which really turned me on. She was really quite sexy in her saris. Her husband very much neglected her and treated her like shit. Later I found out that she’d previously had several extramarital affairs. Once her husband had shown her a blue movie from America and she admitted being fascinated by the big white cocks she had seen.

Now that she had an American neighbor, she was understandably very friendly with me. Moreover, I was learning a lot about her culture and, like her, I am a vegetarian and am also now a Hindu, so I wasn‘t really so foreign.I used to frequently visit Asha’s flat to eat her cooking which was very good. Sometimes she would complain about her husband and his family and how they treated her so inhumanely. I felt genuinely sorry for her. More immediately, however, her full figure and sweet face were driving me insane. My dick was hard all practically all day long and was demanding attention. She seemed to be flirting with me as well, but very subtly and I could not really be sure since all I had ever known were the bold American girls back home. Sometimes from the corner of my eye I could have sworn I had seen her staring at my crot

ch. Finally one afternoon when the tension between us was thick enough to cut with a knife, Asha fed me some lunch and after I returned from washing my mouth in the bathroom she ordered me to lay down on the bed to take rest. She laid down next to me and was so close that my arm was touching hers.

She turned towards me and I slowly turned towards her, excited by that fact that her beautiful tits were only a few inches from me. Her sari had come slightly down and I was mesmerized by the beautiful shape of her cleavage. We both stopped talking and she placed her hand on the back of my head. I snuggled closer to her and kissed her once, very softly, just where her cleavage began above her blouse. She immediately responded by holding my head tightly and pulling me towards her. What happened after that is a bit of a blur. I remember her pulling my face upwards and giving me a long, passionate kiss on my

lips. I remember unbuttoning her blouse and pulling her bra aside, grasping her heavy breasts and licking and sucking on them, the sensations from my tongue sending an electric shock directly to my dick. Soon she became mad with lust and she pulled up my lungi to access my cock. As Asha’s hand grasped my dick, she gasped slightly and held it very firmly. Lifting her sari and petticoat with the other hand, she then shoved my meat inside of her. I trusted deeply, happy to finally to be able to do it properly – the way a man is supposed to fuck a woman. I continued like that for sometime and Asha was obviously in heaven as she kept her eyes closed and rocked her hips while holding onto me tightly to urge me on. We fell into a smooth rhythm and I in a short time I began to pass the point of no return. I knew that Asha could no longer have any children so I let the feelings build up naturally and soon I was shooting my jism deep inside of my new lover‘s slippery pussy.Asha and I shared a good laugh when we were finished and I knew this wasn’t the last time I’d bang her. Not by a long shot. How much Asha enjoyed my cock was really a surprise to me. She became like a slave to it and I was able to fuck her whenever I wanted, as long as we could get together without her husband around. She gave head like a pro and sucked my dick as well as any American girl. In fact, the greatest orgasm I had ever experienced was when Asha was sucking on me. It was one typically hot, sticky afternoon as I stood in front of her rather high bed. Asha was laying down on her stomach really giving me a work over with her mouth. As the strong sensations one experiences just before coming arose and crested, she kept up her rhythm and soon I was cumming down her throat. Asha never let up for a fraction of a second, swallowing every once of my juice, as the feelings welled up inside me and took me to a place that I had never been before. But that was just the beginning of what would become a very stormy and passionate fuck-fest that summer. We tried a variety of positions and techniques until we found a few variations that suited us best. I liked doing her doggie-style holding onto her wide

hips. I always had a huge smile on my face as a cool breeze would occasionally blow through the window and I would be pumping away happily. I would always think to myself, “This is it. It’s what I have been waiting for all of my adult life. Sex with a beautiful, big-titted exotic woman in a distant land.”Now, Asha’s tits were another story in and of themselves. As I gave her a good fuck, she would always close her eyes and I loved to see her extraordinary breasts appearing swollen in her blouse or bra. I taught her how to squeeze my cock between them, something a Dominican girl with perfect breasts back in New York used to always do for me. The sight of her large tits with my big, white dick between while she tongued the tip was too exciting to me. I usually preferred to go ahead and shoot a healthy wad all over her chest and neck but occasionally she would take my cock into her hand and rub it all over her nipples until I exploded all over them. They always looked like the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas when I was finished. Mostly Asha liked me to give her a good hard, American fuck. I would tease her by just putting the bulbous tip of my cock inside her and then withdraw, over and over again until she begged me to ram it home. Some days I would lick her beautiful pussy for a short while. Asha had almost no body hair and her bush was so sweet, with just a small amount of long, straight hairs, like a Chinese girl who really turned me on and I enjoyed sucking and licking on her. Unfortunately for me, she would never let me do it for long as she would get so excited that she needed an immediate righteous fuck. I would bang away as hard as I could for what seemed like an eternity, then stop and take it slow a bit so I wouldn’t come.

This would go one for an hour or even two until I couldn’t resist any longer. At the end, she would be shouting “Give me the juice!“ over and over and I would release my wad inside her until I collapsed and we would hold each other tightly, sticky with our sweat and panting like dogs. Still, Asha still had yet another surprise up her proverbial sleeve. One day while giving me head, she did something very unique. As she held my manhood tightly in her hand, she rolled it in circles against her tongue, just the sensitive underside being massaged gently. Now lubricated, she then proceeded to rub it around her lips. The sensation was stupendous and I was groaning audibly. Inspired by this, she then rubbed my cock head in circles all over her face, concentrating on her smooth, beautiful cheeks. Well, lets just say that I never felt anything so wonderful in my life. In no time, I was splashing Asha’s lovely face in a pool of my jism. As beautiful as she was, she looked even more sexy with my jungle-juice dripping off of her cheeks. She let me finish like that and then took me into her mouth, sucking on me expertly as the shockwaves rocked my body and soul.My relationship with Asha went on for some time very blissfully. She also enjoyed watching my jerk off and loved to see my dick get red and swollen before spilling my load. She occasionally would play with her pussy in front of me which I loved, sometimes even grabbing my cock and using it to massage her

clit. In the end she would always stop short and make me fuck her hard and deep.Ahhh…how I miss those long, hot summer days!Thanks again to the ladies who contacted me after my last post. I got some nice compliments on the photo of my dick I emailed around, which is appreciated.

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